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Blue Jasmine
Just Peachy
I haven't really seen any Woody Allen movies that aren't from at least 20 years ago, so I went to watch Blue Jasmine after seeing a review for it. Part of it too was the setting -- San Francisco. (It's always fun when you can recognize where almost every scene was shot. I miss living there a lot.) And the other reason would be the fact that being in NYC means that most limited release pictures(if not all) will definitely be showing in some theater here. So I went.

It was a decent picture..Cate Blanchett's character was just really sad. Felt like the best performance was from the lady playing her sister. The movie wasn't exactly funny but there were peals of laughter every now and then, which confused me. There were bits, but some that the audience found hilarious just weren't.

Throughout the entire movie though, there really was just one thing that bugged me: how the heck can somebody afford such a nice apartment with two kids and a grocery store bagger job in one of the most expensive cities in America?

(Also, can somebody explain why people clap at the end of movies?)

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(Also, can somebody explain why people clap at the end of movies?)

1. The movie was so good that they couldn't resist clapping - a sign of approval.
2. The movie was so bad that are happy it finally ended.

Seen both of these happen in cinemas >.>;

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