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evading responsibility
Just Peachy

I want this quarter to end as soon as possible but at the same time I find myself unwilling to do the things needed to make it turn out OK....

Changing nibs seems to affect how I want to draw.. not like it makes anything better.

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Oh god I LOVE the color scheme for this ;-;
How do you make such a rough painting style look so good /CRIES

It's all thanks to the brush settings for the background.. I think it might be part of that Blur's Good Brush pack or something.. ^^; But the other one was just the basic, fiddled with opacity. I wish I could do more refined stuff like you :(

The colour scheme looks awesome.

I guess complementary always works? (That might not even be the term..) It's funny how often I end up using yellow considering it isn't really a favorite of mine!

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