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Just Peachy

Another Uchuu Kyoudai fanart. Did it a little after posting the previous one. Should I have just put both in one post? Probably doesn't matter since no one's really on LJ anymore..

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I know I can google...but I don't wanna

Should I download this series? It looks fun! What's it about?

The main character was fired from his job because he headbutted his boss, and since he has been pretty much blacklisted from every company that he's been applying to, his mom sends in his resume to JAXA(Japan's NASA equivalent) since that had been his dream since well as his brother's, only his brother is already an astronaut. So it's basically just following the main character's journey to fulfilling his dream.. It's really funny, I think you'd enjoy it!

Here's the opening theme..

I'm still on LJ :P I just don't update that much any more. Guess my life has got rather boring ^^;
Lovely picture :)

askldf;jsadFAKSLDF when I see beautiful art on my friends page it makes checking LJ worth it ;-;
Give me your hands so I can lineart like you /GREEDY

lol, just dropping by to see if anyone's still alive on lj. don't worry, i'm still following your tumblr even if i'm not as active here as i was before.

still alive, just not posting..

but now that tumblr's been bought by yahoo maybe people will start going back? i doubt it though...

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