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three day weekend
Just Peachy

Got out of work early last Friday so I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and ended up drawing at the Japanese art section. Was hoping to draw some Western stuff but foot traffic in those areas was really heavy and there wasn't really anywhere to sit.

It's been a while since I've tried drawing something that's somewhat finished and it definitely felt like I've lost something. It's rather relaxing though..or maybe it was just the thought of the upcoming three day weekend.

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This is gorgeous.

I love the folds and the shadows. You need to give me tips for light and shading.

Thanks :) For this one, since I was drawing from life, I started out by blocking in the shadows as opposed to drawing lines. This method seems to be better for accuracy(not like this is, but it's much closer compared to the other sketches I had).

Oh I love this. Especially the parts where the linework is faded to suggest highlights. Very beautiful.
What do you feel you've lost? You know, I've always thought your lines had such a strong touch of your personality, I little hesitant and delicate. I mean that in a good way of course.

Thanks. It means a lot coming from you.

Hmm..I'd say that I've been feeling rusty since I haven't completed anything in a while. And a bit of frustration with how boring everything I draw is. Always nothing going on. So I'm aiming to do something about that.

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